BEST, LLC is a company devoted to offering top quality job search services to public agencies who desire a great return on investment for their clients. We offer an organized approach to finding the correct solutions to employment barriers such as transportation, daycare, lack of consistent job history, and general disorganization that burden many low-income families.  Our services are flexible and can be molded to fit each individual’s background while maintaining a structure that will result in quick success.  We are a great link in the chain to self-sufficiency and success in the workplace and life.  

Why Use Us?

Looking for employment is hard for anyone.  There are many resources that can be had for the aggressive, organized job seeker with reasonable computer skills and a willingness to achieve at any cost.  The problem is that many people do not have these qualities and become mired in all of the complications that life throws their way.  

At BEST, LLC, we work to prioritize goals and ensure that each person is fully equipped for their job search through creation of resumes, interview etiquette, and direct one on one assistance with online and paper applications.  

We also assist with all ancillary barriers that many low income families face, such as locating daycare and transportation, finding a work/life balance for the newly employed, and ensuring that clients understand how maintaining employment will create positive long term change in their lives. 

We have a vast network of human resource and management connections and can even provide helpful introductions, whenever possible.  BEST, LLC is the perfect vehicle to provide clients who need a lift on the road to financial success.

Our Experience Shows

We know that it is hard to trust a new company when limited funds mean that every dollar needs to go towards a winning strategy.  If the strategy hasn't yet been proven in your locality, why should you utilize our services over those that have been in place?  We recognize the need to justify our costs to you and have kept meticulous records in order to show that our model for job search is very effective and extremely cost efficient.  

Last year, the average time between when we began working with our clients and when they located employment was 15 calendar days.  The average cost, per client, in this period of job search was under $700.  In total, we had a success rate of 84% over the course of the year.  Of the 18% who did not locate employment, the majority either chose to close their case because they weren't interested in participating or they had their TANF case closed in sanction.  At BEST, LLC, we focus on getting results!  Clients who are assigned to us will either have success or will quickly show that they do not want to participate in their own path to financial independence.  Either way, the assigning social worker receives a concrete solution in their client's case.